Structure, functionality, and automation help create an environment for lease and loan management solutions to run more effectively and efficiently without the need for additional resources .


In today’s business world, customers expect a good customer experience, and because the life-cycle of an equipment finance deal has many touch points, providing this level of service can be tricky. That’s where having structure and visibility into your processes and transparency into your contracts and accounts can help. 

A single system provides a comprehensive view into all attributes within an account and a contract, enabling any department, at any point of servicing a customer, to know what has transpired. These attributes include tasks performed, tasks pending, ownership of the tasks, timelines, completion dates, current status and miscellaneous notes.

This is important for two reasons:

First, it highlights any bottlenecks or consistent issues, making it easier to improve processes and add accountability for meeting service metrics.

Secondly, it empowers whoever is talking with the customer to know their history and what their current status is. This transparency provides a fluid, efficient customer experience by eliminating the frustration of duplicate or siloed conversations, uninformed decisions, disjointed activities, and accessing multiple systems to provide service.


To provide exceptional service and grow your business, you need to maximize your operational efficiency through functionality. Implementing a single-system platform provides the structure to implement intelligent workflows from origination, including task lists, work queue email notifications, etc. It allows businesses to implement processes and functionality based on what the business needs are, without having to delineate between front-end and back-end processes. For example, with end-to-end documentation generation functionality,  both the front-end and back-end processes that allow you to create late fee notifications, email them out and store them in the repository, all as one seamless process with visibility to all relevant parties. It also opens up other options, like the ability to pull a credit report on a customer at any point in the life-cycle. 


A complete automated system that supports other process enhancements and allows you to be more effective in running your business. This unique view provides the data needed to better understand a customer’s history, their lifetime value, risk, exposure, and even their propensity for future business. 

A complete system also supports other process enhancements that allow you to be more efficient in running your business. For example:

•    The ability to measure turns times and report on potential operational inefficiencies

•    The ability to bill for miscellaneous origination items such as doc fees and security deposits in advance of a                       contract being booked

•    The ability to set before booking and automatically sync up renewal schedules with contract changes, such as                  term extensions or changes to the final payment

•    The ability to maintain multiple renewal schedules per contract (renewal schedules can be set at the asset level)

•    Provides visibility to the assets associated with a contract throughout the entire contract life-cycle, along with                the means of disposal

•    Improves internal/external communication through the use of email notifications related to changes

•    More effective risk management

•    More targeted marketing efforts

These are just a few examples of how implementing more effective business processes can lead to better service levels and greater customer loyalty.

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