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At LeaseTeam, we believe thinking big means unlocking your potential. All of it. So whether that means growing your business footprint, launching new products, entering new markets or simply maintaining your current success, you can count on us to provide the technology solutions that get you there.

And here’s how we plan to do it.

We’re using the latest technology to provide innovative solutions.

By leveraging an iterative design methodology, our products are constantly tested, analyzed and refined to ensure our users have nothing less than the best quality and functionality. We base our technology decisions on the following business principles:

  • Ease of use through flexible screen configuration and clear navigation throughout the application.
  • Anywhere Access for internal employees, customers and business partners that allows all functions of the software to be made available via an internet connection.
  • Automation of repeatable tasks to increase operational efficiency.
  • Separation of Duties by controlling security rights within the application at a profile level.
  • Seamless integration to third-party components and proprietary software applications through a service-based architecture.

We’re being passionate thought leaders in our ever-changing industry.

We’re not just members in our industry associations, we’re actively involved at all levels, from association presidents and board members to committee leaders and panel participants. When it’s all accounted for, we’ve been a part of the equipment finance industry for over 25 years, so we understand the industry’s operating challenges and know what it takes to succeed at all levels. Here’s a look at some of the associations we participate in:


We’re learning what makes your business unique. 

No financial organization is the same, and that’s okay. Each one of our solutions is designed with the ins and outs of your business in mind, because what good is it to implement something that doesn’t cater to your specific business needs? From small-ticket lessors and captives to large commercial banks, our technologies provide you with a platform for success—both now and in the future. It’s all part of being less like a vendor and more like a trusted partner. But don’t just take our word for it, here’s what some of our customers had to say:

So, are you ready to think big?

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