Analytics - Comprehensive Data

ASPIRE’s single system provides a comprehensive view into all attributes within an account and a contract, enabling any department, at any point of servicing a customer, to know exactly what has transpired. This includes tasks performed, tasks pending, ownership of the tasks, timelines, completion dates, current status, and miscellaneous notes.

This is important for two reasons. First, it highlights any bottlenecks or consistent issues, making it easier to improve processes and add accountability for meeting service metrics. Secondly, it empowers whoever is talking with the customer to know their history and what their current status is. This transparency provides a fluid, efficient customer experience by eliminating the frustration of duplicate or siloed conversations, uninformed decisions, disjointed activities, and accessing multiple systems to provide service.

Automation – improve productivity and increase efficiency with automation

ASPIRE’s robust workflow capabilities allow for operational flexibility through the configuration of automated workflows. Some of the benefits of this workflow are:

  • Configurable forms and fields that allow you to define and track the levels of data that are required at each stage of the origination process ensuring you always have the right data at the right time.
  • Flexible work queues that give you total visibility of your information; helping to identify bottle necks and better manage your deals.
  • These queues can be task based, transaction based or at the account level and they have audit / history capabilities and an intuitive automation engine that can track and assign tasks.

Innovation – innovation tools to provide a better customer experience

ASPIRE provides your business with the tools and functionality needed to improve business operations and the customer experience. 

  • Examples include  electronic signature capabilities, configurable dashboards that can be customized according to each client’s requirements, seamless integration with all stakeholders and support for mobile devices—allowing your clients to do business from anywhere at any time.

Customers also expect to be able to conduct business over the web, so equipment finance companies are providing partner portals that are easily accessible via the internet to run reports, prepare quotes, submit applications and check on the status of transactions—24 hours a day, seven days a week. Providing customers with these tools facilitates communication and provides the efficiencies and functionality that ultimately increases customer satisfaction and deliver a consistent customer experience across delivery channels

Security – secure technology for compliance and risk management

Security and compliance are topics that are on everyone’s mind. Having the flexibility of a complete single-system solution provides tremendous value when addressing this area. The benefits of single-system processing allow you to redefine technology from a processing solution to an information system that regulators can rely on. A single system makes it easier to implement policies around storing confidential data, including how it is updated and disposed of, and who has access to it. These bi-directional, fluid processes monitor critical data elements, track who and what changes are made, and send notifications to key people.

A complete system also gives you more control over the timing and quality of data being entered. Some of these features include user-defined fields, pick lists for standardization and data input requirements when critical data elements have to be input.

  • When can it be useful? If a sales person is entering a lead, there might be little information required from a regulatory perspective. By the time the transaction needs to be booked, however, there are likely additional data elements that will be needed. By utilizing end-to-end system technology and workflow capabilities to define data processes and requirements, you eliminate the potential for having junk data entered into the system and ensure you have the data that is required at each stage of the process.

Another significant advantage to implementing a complete solution is the ability to deploy this functionality to the entire organization. More than likely, critical data elements will span multiple functional areas, from quality assurance to accounting to treasury to credit. It’s helpful to set user-defined milestones that will prevent a deal from progressing before the required tasks are completed and provides visibility across the enterprise.

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