Technology encompasses both a cost of doing business and an opportunity to do more.  Technology provides the efficiencies needed to improve your business and provide a best in class customer experience; Innovation through technology is what creates new opportunities.  The ENGs story is a great example of how technology can impact your business.

ENG’s, an industry leading equipment finance company specializing in transportation, has increased their portfolio size five-fold to over $500 million through their revolutionary use of technology.  A critical component in their technology strategy is their lease and loan management solution ASPIRE™.

Through the use of ASPIRE™ ENGs is now able to:

  • Capture rich data from credit apps, billing history, and contracts.
  • Derive powerful trends, analysis and statistics to help their sales team and customers
  • Create a personalized Dealer Dashboard, which provides sales representatives with secure real-time data while on sales calls.
  • Streamline processes to ensure operational efficiencies for their dealers
  • Run personalized reports that focus on metrics relevant to the discussion points and the customers’ needs.

Read the full Case Study here on how ASPIRE™ is empowering ENGs to grow their business.


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